is looking for spaces to inhabit for a month or so. It has been proven that bringing an art community to neighborhoods improves interpersonal relationships as well as offering a rare community learning experience. We truly believe that bringing community and aesthetic beauty to an otherwise vacant space is a gift that we personally sacrifice to bring to fruition. 

For more information, you can e-mail us at:

cher gallery @cher popups . com

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(484)727-8751 or (HUG)SAR-TS51


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@CHERPOPUPS (Instagram)

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CHER is a Philadelphia pop-up gallery founded by Jessie Clark and Veronica Cianfrano in 2012 and is currently run by Veronica Cianfrano. We seek to expose contemporary art to a new viewer-base, in hopes of expanding the artistic conversation. We do this by organizing events and exhibitions that meet communities where they are, in their neighborhoods, and that center on accessible and meaningful themes. We hope to serve the community at large as well as the art community through these endeavors.

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