This zine is a companion to the More Stately Mansions exhibition at Kitchen Table Gallery: 1853 N. Howard St. Philadelphia PA 19122

Opening reception: Sunday, August 6th 3-7

Performance night and zine launch: Saturday, August 19th 4-9:30

Closing reception and artist talk: Friday, August 25th 6-9

In response to the discussion of the class divide that has been at the forefront of political debate, More Stately Mansions Zine and exhibition contributors were asked to discuss the class divide and/or the wage gap in their work. 


Front Cover: Veronica Cianfrano

Pg. 1-2: “That Jawn” by Aleasha Watson- Mitchell

Pg. 3-4: “Gentrification” by Glorious Dani

Pg. 5-9: “Colorism: The Parasite We Invite” by Maggie Lily

Pg. 9: “When We Were Children” Jenna Howell

Back cover: Unitled (Job Of The Year) Eric Toscano

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