Champions of Empty Rooms is turning 4 in May and we’ll be celebrating with Sharespace: an annual participatory project.

Through this endeavor, we seek to create interactive sculptures and happenings that encourage participation and connection. 

The Sharespace project acts as an opportunity to elicit interaction among members of the community and to construct a platform for artists working in this vein.

With this project, Champions of Empty Rooms has worked to create an outlet for play, sharing, and positive interaction. This year's Sharespace theme is safety.

The project will be an interactive installation. It will feature a build-your-own pillow fort station with hand made, by yours truly, super pillows (very very large pillows), a secret telling station where you can call/text secrets to our secret hotline, and a translucent drawing tent.

There will also be a home movie screening where people can play live music that correspond with the videos. This creates a shared intimacy, the private is made public in a positive way. The purpose of this project is to promote empathy and productive communication among strangers, which begs the question: Wanna come out and play? 

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