Show Statement:

Humor is a front, misdirection of the sneakiest sort. As tears spring forth from hearty guffaws, our defenses drop. Through these boisterous chinks in our psychic armor, dark and uncomfortable subject matter stealthily enters. Once mouths close and laughter ceases we are left to deal with that which remains (opened cans and worms, worms, worms). Propriety is always up for debate but it cannot be denied that comedy is an indispensable strategy. This practice allows us to acknowledge, process, and ultimately embrace our world, warts and all.  


Famine, illness, war, and injustice press in on all sides. Caught in the chasm between environmental collapse and economic catastrophe, it can be quite easy to suffocate in this cavern of despair. Seemingly powerless to change our circumstances, we’ve but a handful of options at our fingertips. We may choose to languish in the dark; hard hearted, reserved, and grim. Or...we can build a fire. It is here we tell stories, we tell jokes. This flickering flame of humor plays upon the dingy surface of reality. In this light our heartaches and fears are bravely faced within a social context, rather than relegated to a dim and solitary realm of ignorance and escapism.  Around this fire we nod, we smile, we understand. 

Featured Artists:

 Shawn Beeks

 Sally Eckhoff

  Seth Gutierrez

  Lauren McCarty

  Caitlin McCormack

  Christine Negus

  Martin Peeves

 John Stephenson

  Dan Reidy

  Matt Zigler

  Brian Hamilton

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